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There are several reasons why a resident may not get their welcome emails….
  • We haven’t been able to confirm their request yet- CBTEA  is having to check on some that aren’t in their database.
  • They entered an invalid email address when registering.
  • Their welcome email went to their spam folder.
  • They are blocking emails from unknown senders.
  • If they are using any sort of Microsoft email (,, etc.) there may be a slight delay. Microsoft has completely blocked several domains. Not blacklisted- just blocked lots of domains from sending emails to people who haven’t manually gone in and added the domain to their approved senders list. Unfortunately, several internet based businesses (like Nabr) are having to find other ways to get around this problem. We do have a fix in place, but it does take a little longer for us to process requests from Microsoft users. Their welcome email will come from (which is allowable by Microsoft) and will include instructions on how to add to their approved senders list.
You must be a deed holder (owner) to access the private side of the website.